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after-sales service

The company upholds the management concept of "products are like personality, first do business, all for the sake of users", and solemnly promises the quality of products: the products sold by our company are guaranteed nationwide and provide near-by services. Whether you are in the far corners of the world, our professionals arrive in time to guide the installation and commissioning, so as to solve your problems and bring you real convenience.
Technical services:
A. Pre-sale. According to the project and owner's equipment, help users to design and select: product power, function, brand, free of charge to assist users in the design of computer rooms;
B. On sale. Domestic free on-site debugging, free for users to develop training plans, training operators, both sides to discuss (factory or site) training methods, content and time, according to the actual situation;
C. After sale. During the three-package period, the total number of visits is not less than two in half a year, and the key projects and projects are visited once a month, not less than three times in the first three months. The counseling reminds the users to do well in daily maintenance and primary maintenance, and to replace the pure vulnerable parts in time.
2. Accessories service: three-package insurance for British and Thai products nationwide, three-package replacement of parts and components for non-human factors and materials during the three-package period, and replacement of vulnerable parts without labor costs; long-term preferential prices outside the three-package period to supply spare parts, vulnerable parts and technical support (including product technology upgrading).
3. Maintenance service: Our diesel generator sets provide a one-year free warranty period, calculated from the date of acceptance. Users will send staff to the site at any time regardless of any faults in the use of manufactured products and products. The company will provide free consultation, repair and replacement of spare parts and other services on the basis of selling bills and purchasing and using time. The response time must be three packages from half an hour to two hours after receiving fax and mail. The staff arrangement of 12 hours in this province is in place. The provinces shall be in place within 48 hours, and special conditions such as remote areas and holidays shall be stipulated separately. One month before the end of the free warranty period, the machine is fully maintained and maintained.
The company has set up more than 62 technical service departments in more than 30 cities. Jiangsu Sanbao hotline: 400-100-7922, 025-68511538, 13584082299, contact: Zhu Guangxiang.
4. Service Principles: In the use of products, if there is a breakdown, timely telephone communication to provide technical support or express parts in place to solve the problem, if there is a real need for personnel on-site service company can quickly dispatch or near the dispatch to ensure timely operation.
5. Training plan: In order to familiarize users with the performance of diesel generating units and operate them skillfully, we will train several operators free of charge for users. The training plan is as follows:
At the end of installation and commissioning of generating units, users are allowed to assign 2-3 operators to participate in the training organized by our company or by our technicians to the user site for training:
1. Theory training, study the working principle of diesel engine, generator and control cabinet, and have a preliminary understanding of the unit's oil circuit and electrical circuit for 1 day.
2. Practical operation training for 2 days.
Contents: Classification of internal combustion engine, structure of diesel engine, working principle of diesel engine, installation and adjustment of diesel engine, use and maintenance of diesel engine, structure of generator, principle of generator, manual start-up and shutdown, manual operation of control cabinet.
Simulated demonstration of common sense faults, and judgment of simple faults, replacement methods of daily consumables, etc.